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August 20, 2018


In the spring, HARP co-hosted a Washington, DC-based event with the American Enterprise Institute, which provided an opportunity for policymakers and innovators to intersect and discuss the integration of hyperloop with existing intermodal networks. We followed this event up with a two-day summer conference at UCLA, which attracted diverse, world-class expertise across the academic, scientific, technical, and public sectors.


In addition to our conferences, HARP’s leadership and members have been prominently featured in the news this year.


Richard Geddes, a HARP board member, professor, and Director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, opined to The Independent that the UAE might serve as an ideal trial ground for hyperloop technology, due to the nation’s vast wealth, flat landscape, and government. He also shared his hyperloop-related insights with KCBS Radio in San Francisco.


Dane Egli, President of HARP and a former director on the White House National Security Council, told NBC News MACH that the ride experience on hyperloop will likely become optimized over time. Dane Egli was also interviewed by Houston NPR and Fortune Magazine to describe the mission of HARP, the exciting potential of high-speed tube transportation, and the emerging hyperloop business landscape.


Jeremy Stone, an aerospace physiologist and senior adviser to HARP, told the same publication that a proposed optical illusion, intended to alleviate passenger discomfort, may come up short.


To support HARP’s ongoing contributions to the development of hyperloop systems, please visit our donation page: https://www.hyperlooppartnership.org/donate


Our organization will continue to promote the collaboration, research, funding, and knowledge sharing necessary for the development of high-speed tube transportation networks and standards around the world.

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