Creating Standards for Hyperloop

Hyperloop will need common standards that ensure safety, security, and interoperability. When industry and government are ready, HARP is a logical convener to bring together all parties wanting to proactively create these standards.

Did you know… New York City subway lines and trains are not all the same size? The NYC subway was originally built and operated by three separate companies – the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT), the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit (BMT), and the Independent Rapid Transit (IND).

Image Source: Court Street Station, New York Transit Museum (Photo by Marcin Wichary - CC-BY-2.0)

It turns out, IRT trains are narrower and shorter than BMT and IND trains because early specifications for platform width and track curvature were different. The track gauge is all the same, but if an IRT train stopped at a BMT station, there would be a huge gap between car and platform. BMT and IND trains don’t even fit along the IRT lines.

Creating a revolutionary form of transportation is big. Regardless of what technology is built first, and by which company, we at HARP believe it will take many new entrants to build the regional, national, and international networks that will become the hyperloop. We also know there is a needed role for regulatory oversight.

HARP is an independent, trusted non-profit group with the mission to promote collaboration, research, funding, and knowledge-sharing for development of high-speed tube transportation networks and standards around the world. We have a track record of convening stakeholders and the public.

When the time is right, we invite representatives from technology developers, regulators, policymakers, and all stakeholders to take advantage of HARP’s role as convener.

Join HARP and together we can create a bright future that includes high speed, safe, inexpensive, efficient, convenient, and environmentally low-impact tube transportation.


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