Hyperloop: An Active Week

Being on the Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) team, I naturally try to keep up with hyperloop news – progress and setbacks, opinions and achievements. There’s more going on than you might think – here are samples from just the past few days.

Perhaps coolest is the hyperloop cameo in Marvel’s just released Black Panther movie. Talk about hyperloop going mainstream!

Big news in Chicago and the Midwest – Transportation authorities in Ohio and Illinois have formed a public-private partnership with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to conduct a feasibility study for a hyperloop route connecting Cleveland and Chicago. The study is expected to take about 9 months. This is touted as the first agreement that crosses US state lines (i.e. its “interstate”). Here are a couple of articles, from the Pittsburgh Business Journal, techcrunch, and digitaltrends. Noteworthy that this is in addition to the Midwest route in the sights of Virgin Hyperloop One and Ohio transportation authorities. People are excited! HARP will be visiting with engineering students at Ohio University in March.

Over on the East Coast, The Boring Company has promoted a New York City to Washington D.C. hyperloop connection since last summer and has conditional permission to tunnel under a key highway near Baltimore. The latest is that TBC received a preliminary permit that could lead to a hyperloop terminal in D.C. – just a mile north of the National Mall! Here’s more from the Washington Post.

India has been a center of hyperloop activity and Virgin Hyperloop One is targeting a route from Pune to Mumbai airport. A preliminary agreement was recently signed with goals of a test track soon and an operating hyperloop line in 5-7 years. See this Fortune article.

France is in the news here (if your French is good!), with Canadian company Transpod discussing a line crossing the center of the country. And Australia is also in the news with talk about hyperloop routes to relieve traffic congestion.

Engineering students around the world are excited and gearing up for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. The next competition weekend was just announced as July 22, 2018 with 22 teams qualifying (so far) to test their pod designs on the Hawthorne, CA test track. Even more exciting for technology advancement is that two teams are directly focused on the magnetic levitation technology. Here’s info on a couple teams (Colorado School of Mines, Virginia Commonwealth University); I’m certain more will be in the news soon!

There are many more routes and companies active in developing the future of high-speed tube transportation. We’re also watching progress in Texas, Colorado, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Scandinavia, U.K., United Arab Emirates, Dubai, South Korea, and more. Join HARP and follow updates to be in-the-know.

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