Safety, Security, and Standards Council

Safety, Security, and Standards Council Description


The purpose of the S3 Council is to clearly identify issues, concerns and resolutions in the areas of safety, security and standards, to ensure that these areas are appropriately addressed, and to develop solutions to these and associated issues for integration in  our final product. This council will integrate strategic, operational, and tactical requirements and capabilities by drawing upon public, private, and academic sectors to advance safety, security, and standardization imperatives.

Context: A new transportation mode is being developed call Tube Transportation. This young industry has a value proposition that reduces travel time, increases passenger safety, lowers emissions, increase employment, and has attractive economical feasibility.

Standards and regulations that are applicable and relevant to this new mode must be discussed, researched, and drafted. Many organizations will have to come together in this effort and by doing so, create a new Department of Tube Transportation housed within the USDOT.

The executive decision to create a national freeway system has propelled America to global leadership role and maintain the advanced nature of American technology. A new opportunity is upon us, the opportunity to re-accelerate the speed of America’s economy and more importantly it’s population.

Goal: Lead the conversation for setting data driven safety, security, and technical standards. All relevant commercial interests, governmental decision makers, leading universities, and other groups must be represented in this open stakeholder debate.


  • Create advisory board to communicate with NIST, ANSI, IEEE and other standards groups.

  • Research all technical variables in the context of maximising transportation value.

  • Create a report of how safety is to be measured.

  • Create a report of how security (personal, infrastructure, and data) is to be measured.

Operational Plan

Action Items

  • Name personal that will begin the outreach to the standards organizations

  • Name personal that will begin the outreach to the safety council in USDOT

  • Name personal that will begin to outline the security goals, operations, and metrics


Resources needed



  • Execute Items 1-8 by Dec. 31st 2017

  • Execute Items 9-15 by Feb. 28th 2018


Action Items

  1. Contact NIST, ANSI, IEEE

  2. Contact any other departments: USDOT, DoD, DoE, DHS, etc

  3. Purchase reports, fund reports, and ask experts to define the ecosystem

  4. Fund economic impact study

  5. Fund enviromental impact study

  6. Fund safety report - baseline metric expectations: air travel

  7. Fund security report - baseline metic expectations: air travel, ports, (avoid TSA?)

  8. Contact all tube transportation companies for a live cast conference to discuss issues

  9. Contact potential private foundations, e.g., Gates foundation.

  10. Fund workforce impact study

  11. Contact potential university to call for research help.