The COVID19 pandemic has ravaged the travel and hospitality Industries. Here is an interesting article regarding the falling fortunes of Sir Richard Branson, and how his investment in Hyperloop my be his saving grace.


Hyperloop has lofty design goals. Advocates claim it will be as fast or faster than commercial aircraft, more convenient and comfortable than trains and buses, and extremely energy efficient. It will also be environmentally clean, powered with 100% energy from renewabl...


Hyperloop will need common standards that ensure safety, security, and interoperability. When industry and government are ready, HARP is a logical convener to bring together all parties wanting to proactively create these standards.

Did you know… New York City subway li...


Being on the Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) team, I naturally try to keep up with hyperloop news – progress and setbacks, opinions and achievements. There’s more going on than you might think – here are samples from just the past few days.

Perhaps cooles...


Co-authored by Jeremy Stone.

It was a rough week for American transportation, in the busy run-up to the holidays—raising painful questions for travelers, authorities and investigators alike.

First, the tragic rail events in Washington State, and then the Atlanta Hartsfie...


Posted by Hanh Ngo and Steve Cohn

The Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) is a vibrant organization, growing rapidly in membership and accomplishments.

The concept for HARP sparked from the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Consortium (RMHLC), one of the teams competin...


I attended an incredibly interesting keynote talk recently at the University of Colorado. The event was “The Social Implications of Technological Change” and the keynote discussed the history and significance of the U.S. transcontinental telegraph’s construction in 186...


During this menacing period of extreme weather and increased storm activity with destructive hurricanes and earthquakes, there are lessons we can apply, especially in key urban coastal regions.

FEMA Administrator Brock Long recently exclaimed that Hurricane Harvey provi...


As the SpaceX Competition Weekend II nears, HARP visited with Team DiggerLoop at the Colorado School of Mines.

Like many of the 25 competing teams, this group of innovative engineers is scrambling to complete its pod entry, before disassembling it for tra...


Right now, hundreds, if not thousands, of engineering students are being inspired by real-world, hands-on engineering challenges that will reshape our world. Hyperloop is one of the most prominent examples. In August, SpaceX continues its series of Hyperloop Pod Compet...

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