Market Analysis and Economic Council

Market Analysis & Economic Council Description


The Market Analysis & Economic Councils purpose is to research and analyze the market opportunity for tube transportation. We aim to map out the current layout of the Hyperloop market, identifying companies both working in the space as well as partners that would benefit from the completion of the project. Once a route is determined, we will do an analysis of the Economic impact this project will develop. The Economic side of our council will work to determine what is the best way to finance these projects? Is a Project Finance structure optimal? Or private investments in specific route locations? These are questions we will consider as we develop our market analysis.



  • Define the market opportunity through a cost/benefit analysis.​

    • Identify several feasible routes (4), that will provide the best ROI for the first commercial track.Identify our stakeholders? What are the Market Segments?

    • Create a published Paper along with a Presentation that highlights the current status of the Hyperloop Projects.

    • Determine what economic factors will play a key as well have the largest impact on the development of Hyperloop.

    • Determine the best access to funding and when to deploy funds. Is that a project finance approach where HARP releases funds based on completion of certain milestones?

Key People/Resources


  • Universities - (UCCS, Houston) perform market analysis

  • Railroad companies - i.e Union Pacific

  • Infrastructure funding experience.

  • Economic Forecasting/Modeling

  • Current related projects

Action Items


  • Literacy review - Intern or research fellow

  • Collect and consolidate the current Hyperloop market

  • What technologies already exist?

  • What metrics are they using?

  • Where are they proposing to build and why?

  • Compile information into a White paper or Published report that sets the standards of the market.