LoopTransPort 2018

UCLA, California | July 23 - 24, 2018

University of California, Los Angeles

1st HARP International Conference on Hyperloop and Related Technologies

Program with Links to Presentation Video, Slides, and Posters


(Authors retain copyright on all of their presentations and work, below.)

Conference Keynote #1


K-1 Marcel Jufer (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Swissmetro)


Video: From Swissmetro to Hyperloop


Slides: PDF



Session 1: Magnetic Levitation


O-1.1 Denis Tudor (EPFL)


Video: High-power, High-speed Hyperloop Pod


Slides: PDF


O-1.2 Vimal Viswanathan (SJSU)


Video: Spartan Hyperloop: A Halbach Array-Based Levitating Pod


Slides: PDF


O-1.3 Somruedee Uathawikul (Keio U)


Video: Dynamic Stabilization of Hyperloop Pod Constrained Against 6 DOF Directions by Magnetic Forces


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Invited Keynote


I-1 Sam Gurol (General Atomics, Director of Maglev Systems)


Video: Electrodynamic Levitation Systems Development - from Urban to Rocket Maglev


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Session 2: Organizational Design, Innovation, and Feasibility


O-2.1 Tom Lambot (rLoop)


Video: Rpod - An Active Levitation Hyperloop Prototype Designed and Built by The Crowd


Slides: PDF


O-2.2 Al Florence (independent)


Video: Proven Management & Technical Processes and Procedures are Paramount for Project Success


Slides: PDF


O-2.3 Perry Jia (presented by Nathan Wu) (UCSB)


Video: Comparing key performance indicators of past, present, and future forms of transportation, will the Hyperloop cover the main needs of consumers?


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Invited Innovation Keynote


I-2 Pete Rahn (Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation)


Video: The Role of State Government in Innovative Transportation Infrastructure


Slides: PDF



Invited Keynote


I-3 Yoshiaki Ohkami (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University)


Video: Beyond the Shinkansen System – A Challenge of Japan to Realize Innovative Transportation Infrastructure


Slides: PDF



Session 3: Pod/Capsule Technology


O-3.1 Ralph Blumberg (rLoop)


Video: Design of Permanent Magnets Based Passive Levitation Skis


Slides: PDF


O-3.2 Kai Ohashi (Keio U)


Video: Position and Velocity Control of Keio Alpha Pod for Hyperloop Competition


Slides: PDF


O-3.3 Amir Khan (rLoop)


Video: Aerodynamic Study of Multiple Pods in a Tube Using Automated Workflows


Slides: PDF



Plenary discussion


Video: Future Priorities & Activities (Facilitator: Dane Egli, President HARP)



Invited Keynote

I-4 Jesse Powell (Founder and President of Maglev Strategies, LLC)


Video: Hyperloop Does Not Exist in a Vacuum: The Challenges and Opportunities of Putting Maglev in a Tube


Slides: PDF



Session 4: Safety


O-4.1 Thomas Heaton (Cal Tech)


Video: Inertial Forces from Earthquakes on a Hyperloop Pod


Slides: PDF


O-4.2 Mostafa Mobasher (Thornton Tomasetti)


Video: Infrastructure Security Challenges to Hyperloop: A Multi-Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis


Slides: PDF


O-4.3 Ian Sutton (Sutton Tech Books)


Video: Hyperloop Safety Study


Slides: PDF



Session 5: Architecture and Economics


O-5.1 Brad Swartzwelter (Amtrak)


Video: Understanding the “Over or Under” Question for Hyperloop Right-of-Ways


Slides: PDF


O-5.2 Iman Ansari (UNLV)


Video: HYPER.STRUCTURE: Envisioning Hyperloop as an Urban Infrastructure


Slides: PDF


O-5.3 Marta Nowak (UCLA)


Video: Hyperloop: Rethinking Long Distance Travel Through Architecture, Urban Design and Human Experience


Slides: PDF



Invited Keynote


I-5 Rick Geddes (Director, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy; Professor, Cornell University)


Video: Finance and Funding Models for Hyperloop


Slides: PDF



Poster Presentations


P-01 Juan Pablo Alatorre (Hyperloop West): Hyperloop West Corridor

P-02 Nicholas Autobee (UCCS): HyperFalcos - The Fastest Bird Around

P-03 Ralph Blumberg (rLoop): Design of Permanent Magnet Based Braking System for Hyperloop Vehicle

P-04 Jackson Button (UCSB): Dynamic Characterization of Magnetic Levitation Engines

P-05 Aaron Camere (rLoop): Design of a Li-ion Based Battery System with Very High Discharge Capability

P-06 Arthur Chadwick (VCU): Zero to Finalist in Six Months

P-07 Walter Neu & Lukas Eschment (University of applied sciences Emden/Leer & University of Oldenburg): The Transportation Vision of HyperPodX

P-08 Al Florence (independent):Short presentation on Risk Management

P-09 Al Florence (independent): Major risks in the development and operation of the Hyperloop

P-10 Christopher Mann (UT Austin): Texas Guadaloop -The Future of High Speed Transportation

P-11 Mostafa Mobasher (Thornton Tomasetti): Infrastructure Security Challenges to Hyperloop:A Multi-Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis

P-12 Ian Sutton (Sutton Tech Books): Hyperloop Safety Study

P-13 Ikuko Yasuoka (Tokyo City U): Aerodynamics on the POD of Team Keio Alpha


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