LoopTransPort 2018

UCLA, California | July 23 - 24, 2018

University of California, Los Angeles

1st HARP International Conference on Hyperloop and Related Technologies

Conference video lectures

Conference Keynote #1


  • Marcel Jufer (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Swissmetro)

From Swissmetro to Hyperloop

Session 1: Magnetic Levitation

Invited Keynote

  • Sam Gurol (General Atomics, Director of Maglev Systems)

Electrodynamic Levitation Systems Development - from Urban to Rocket Maglev

Session 2: Organizational Design, Innovation, and Feasibility

Invited Innovation Keynote

  • Pete Rahn (Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation):

The Role of State Government in Innovative Transportation Infrastructure

Invited Keynote

  • Yoshiaki Ohkami (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University):

Beyond the Shinkansen System – A Challenge of Japan to Realize Innovative Transportation Infrastructure

Session 3: Pod/Capsule Technology

Plenary discussion


Invited Keynote


  • Jesse Powell (Founder and President of Maglev Strategies, LLC)

Hyperloop Does Not Exist in a Vacuum: The Challenges and Opportunities of Putting Maglev in a Tube

Session 4: Safety

Session 5: Architecture and Economic

Invited Keynote

  • Rick Geddes (Director, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy; Professor, Cornell University)

Finance and Funding Models for Hyperloop